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The sound of silence


Orla is noisy! To be honest, as a family we are all pretty loud but Orla is particularly into yelling and shouting at the moment. On a Wednesday she goes to a child minder so I can work more effectively (I do work Mondays and Tuesdays but I’m never quite sure how I have managed to get stuff done by the end of the day, it just sort of happens). I drop her off before dropping the kids to school.

On a Monday and Tuesday she shouts at me the whole way home from school because she wants to stay and play. I open the windows and turn the volume up on the stereo. This morning after I dropped the boys off the car was silent – I had never before fully appreciated that moment of clam and actual excitement about the day ahead knowing I could achieve so much without interruption. Then it dawned on me – From February 12th I shall not experience that sound of silence and anticipation of achievement for a whole year.