Monthly Archives: February 2015

A Spanner in the Dairy Works


Having almost sourced ourselves a dairy cow, getting to the point of discussing price and dates for TB testing we received a slight spanner in the works… Our middle child, Patrick, might be allergic to cows milk!

We have to take him off all dairy and soy for 4 weeks and see what happens. If he is it doesn’t mean we won’t have any dairy in the house but there to have a dairy cow we would need to be using a substantial amount of milk, butter, yoghurt and so on in our family meals.

On the plus side if removing dairy from his diet is the simple answer to his awful ongoing health problems and all the pain he’s been having then great! And he’s such a positive, cheerful little chap his response, when we were talking in the car about all the things he must not eat was “Can I still have water?” me: “yes water’s fine” Patrick: “Yippie! I love water!”

Here is another example of an hilarious/embarrassing conversation our middle son had with his little friend when he phoned him to make arrangements for playing after school:


“Hi Finn, guess what! We got chickens, they’re going to lay eggs. When we kill chickens to eat them we turn them upside down and put sting on their legs, then we bash them on the head and cut their throat so all the blood comes out… did you know that?”

Amazingly the parents are still okay about letting their kid come to play!

We also have two little piggies the kids are trying to train… best hurry up though as they’ll be pork in a couple more months!