New York in Pictures

Rob and the kids on snowy streets

We met with a true New Yorker today who I know through my work with the condition hyperemesis gravidarum. You can read about our day out in Downtown Manhattan with our wonderful personal guide who treated us to a meal in China Town and a tour of the Court Rooms in my other blog

We’re packing up now for an early start back to JFK Airport where we pick up the hire car and head out for the hills. Tomorrow night we’ll be at Lazy Pond Bed and Breakfast in the Catskill Mountains. We’ve enjoyed New York but it’s a very grown up city, far more suited to romantic couple breaks rather than dragging three small children around. We are hoping to find more budget friendly meals and activities outside of the City and are seriously craving some wildlife and open space. Our city days are behind us now, so while it’s been fun we’re looking forward to moving on.

Here are my photo’s from our time in this beautiful, crazy city…


Shiny building reflecting the clouds!


The tallest building around (if you include the spike)


Beautiful shiny buildings. Except I can only photograph them from this position due to the lack of Twin Towers which used to stand in front of them.


The ceiling inside the court house… I got told off for having my camera shortly after, whoops!



The statue of liberty, photo-bombed by a gull!


The stock exchange


Skyscrapers and blue skies


Madison Avenue


The city looks so different with blue sky… the whole place changes colour!


George Washington on Wall Street


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