Ready, Steady, Go…


We are packed and ready for our super early start tomorrow morning. I’m a little apprehensive about New York City if I’m honest… London isn’t really my bag and I’m yearning already for some open space and less people. Our kids are shockingly un-streetwise coming from rural Cornwall so the traffic and crowds stress me out.

We’ve enjoyed London though. The London Transport Museum today was really good too with interactive displays and old trains, tubes and horse drawn carriages to climb aboard. It was good for Alfie to grasp the history and time scales. We learned all about the International Space Station at the Science Museum’s IMAX cinema yesterday and will be able to imagine the people up there when we see it next when we get out to the Catskill Mountains.

There have been times over the last week that I’ve started to wonder if we are a little bit mad attempting this trip with three such small children… And the truth is we are a little mad… But we are also quite sensible and if our plans need to change to respond to the children’s needs and abilities then that’s what we will do… If things aren’t going quite to plan then we will change our plans.

If the travelling and moving around is too much for the little ones then we might find somewhere we like and just stay put for a few weeks or even months. We just don’t know yet. We could be back in three months if we don’t enjoy it. Or we could keep on going for a couple of years if we love it. If we aren’t enjoying the states then we might head to Canada sooner, or back over to Europe, or over to Australia or New Zealand. Or we might hear of opportunities we don’t want to miss somewhere else.

Learning to keep our plans flexible and not worrying too much about where we will lay our heads next week is all part of our journey and fun. If we make firm plans now we would be setting our selves up not just for failure when the plans need altering, but worse we would potentially be missing out on adventures that we can’t discover online in advance. Once we are there we will meet people who will share their gems and wisdom of places and people, we will find places we want to stay to explore and other places we can’t wait to leave behind… Planning too much would prevent us being able to respond to the changes in the wind.

So I guess we are as ready as we will ever be, we’ve got our two suitcases and our plane tickets. We’ve got each other so we’re pretty stead… What else to we need?… Nothing… LETS GO!

1 thought on “Ready, Steady, Go…

  1. Julia Srigley

    So excited for you all, I agree keep those plans flexible, Children are great at adapting, it maybe you that needs to stay put in one place for a while!


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