Adult – Fail



On the whole I consider myself to be a relatively successful adult, in that I maintain my house in a reasonable order, pay the bills, feed my children with nutritious food and dress them in, relatively, clean clothes. I’m pretty good at my job and have a few skills under my belt at the pleasant age of 32.5 years. I enjoy being an adult and still get the occasional kick out of doing stuff which I can just do, because I’m an adult, like buying a pack of sweets whenever I want, staying up later than I should or buying an excessively expensive bottle of wine just because I can.

This washing has been outside on the washing line for about three and a half weeks (at least) – rather than bringing it in I have photographed it and written a blog post about it, I’ll probably post it on Facebook too – it is still outside on the line – Adult? FAIL!

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